James Brett - Biography

Inspirational Speaker

"Dreams, if you believe, can become reality" - James Brett, founder of Plant for Peace

The saying goes; that which does not kill us makes us stronger. James Brett proves the point.

James is the Founder of Plant for Peace, a global initiative aimed at bringing sustainable stability to countries crippled by conflict by the creation of horticultural cooperatives. It’s a remarkable initiative currently focused on Afghanistan, where James has singlehandedly persuaded 22,000 farmers to stop growing poppies - the source of much of the world’s heroin - and start growing pomegranates and other high value horticulture produce instead. The ‘fruits’ of this initiative is a range of innovative products the first of which – an organic yogurt covered fruit bar – can be found in Waitrose and Holland & Barrett from May 2015.

But if James had never set foot in Afghanistan, had never toured this troubled country without a bodyguard, badge or gun his achievements would still be mind-boggling, because his life story is truly astonishing.

It’s a story which includes child abuse by his grandfather, the early tragic death of his mother, his subsequent decline into drug addiction, homelessness, prison, betrayal, violence and mental illness. Ultimately it’s a breath-taking story of recovery, hope, humility and remarkable vision supported by a cast of farmers, academics, multinational food companies, government officials, philanthropists, celebrities, military leaders, royal families and the entire nation of Afghanistan.

James shares his story in a searingly honest, deeply moving and ultimately inspiring 60 minute session.

Companies that have invited James to share his story include; Ben & Jerry's, Unilever, Google, The Marketing Academy, Freud Communications, Brand Learning, Spark Inside, Asia Scotland Institute, The Soil Association.

If you would like to hear James talk about how you can make your dreams become reality please contact Mike Hill. email: mike@plantforpeace.com