Story So Far

Jun 2019

Sainsburys sales plant 100,000 trees

Dec 2018

Diplomat magazine

Jun 2018

Sainsburys sales plant 110,000 trees

Jun 2017

New Fruit bar range goes on sale

Launch of new Plant for Peace fruit bar range in Sainsbury's and Waitrose.

May 2017

British Government support

DFID - Department for International Development, the British aid agency, supports Plant for Peace Foundation with funding to establish a Pomegranate Leaf Community Group in Kandahar Afghanistan.

Dec 2016

Pomegranate Leaf Herbal Tea

Plant for Peace develops a range of Pomegranate Leaf herbal tea.

Sep 2016

Sainsbury's agrees to sell new fruit bar range

Katherine Wilkinson, Buyer of Sweet Biscuits and Cereal bars at Sainsbury's agrees to sell the Plant for Peace fruit bars.

Aug 2016

Fruit bar designs

New Plant for Peace fruit bar range artwork design completed.

May 2016

Raw Cocoa coated Mulberry

Confectionary buyer at Sainsbury's confirms Plant for Peace Raw Cocoa Coated Mulberry taste great and confirms selling the range in Sainsbury's when ready.

Apr 2016

Branding agency helps Plant for Peace

Landor becomes branding agency for Plant for Peace and undertakes development of the Plant for Peace brand pro bono.

Mar 2016

Further support from Chief Marketing Officer at Sainsbury's

Sarah Warby introduces James Brett to President of EMEA at Landor, a global branding agency.

Feb 2016

Support from Sainsbury's Product development team

Susi Richards, Head of Product Development at Sainsbury's and Nicola Bramley, Senior Food Technologist in Sainsbury's Product Development kitchen take over product development of Plant for Peace products pro bono.

Jan 2016

Support from Chief Marketing Officer at Sainsbury's

Sainsbury's Chief Marketing Officer Sarah Warby, invites team at Sainsbury's to support Plant for Peace.

Sep 2015

Article in The Grocer magazine

The Grocer magazine covers a two page article of the story of Plant for Peace.

Aug 2015

Raw Cocoa coated Mulberry

Plant for Peace commences development of a range of Raw Cocoa Coated Mulberry.

Jul 2015

Ingredient preparation in Afghanistan

Plant for Peace establishes a Mill facility at the Sorting / Grading / Packing facility to commence fruit powder production.

Jun 2015

Article in Waitrose kitchen magazine

Waitrose magazine covers a two page article of the story of Plant for Peace.

Jun 2015

Ingredient preparation in Afghanistan

Plant for Peace establishes a Sorting / Grading / Packing facility in Afghanistan and trains Afghan male and female staff to prepare Afghan mulberry for export.

May 2015

Launch of original fruit bar range

Plant for Peace launches original fruit bar range in 250 Waitrose stores and all 770 Holland & Barrett stores.

Mar 2015

Holland & Barrett give huge support to Plant for Peace:

Holland & Barrett shows massive support of Plant for Peace by preparing a Plant for Peace free in store marketing campaign for the launch of the Plant for Peace fruit bars. The campaign involves posters outside their stores, digital advertising screens in store, product display stands next to the tills for maximum customer awareness, shelf barkers, twitter competitions and an article in the Holland & Barrett magazine "Healthy".

Feb 2015

Successful import from Afghanistan by road

Plant for Peace successfully import its first full lorry of mulberry by road from Kabul Afghanistan to major fruit bar factory in Austria.

Jan 2015

Outsourcing fruit bar production

Major snack bar factory in Austria agrees to produce Plant for Peace fruit bars.

Nov 2014

Rowan Atkinson supports Plant for Peace

Rowan Atkinson supports Plant for Peace with a Thank you message to the smallholder farmers who successfully passed the pomegranate seed to pomegranate powder training programme.

Jul 2014

Plant for Peace Foundation Pomegranate training programme

Plant for Peace commences a Pomegranate seed to Pomegranate training programme in Afghanistan for smallholder farmers.

Feb 2014

Chairman of Plant for Peace Foundation

Roddy Gow OBE becomes Chairman of Plant for Peace Foundation

May 2013

Strong support from new Trustee

Major General Arthur Denaro, previously Commandant of Royal Military College Sandhurst joins Plant for Peace Foundation as a Trustee

Jan 2013

Fruit bars

Using the newly developed Plant for Peace Afghan pomegranate powder, Plant for Peace commences development of the first value added product range. A four flavour range of organic yoghurt coated fruit bars.

Jul 2012

Plant for Peace Foundation - Fruitbars

With the strategy established and the road ahead clear, Funktional Group Limited decided on obtaining the necessary investment to establish the company and develop a 'proof of concept' range of products from Afghanistan. The above picture illustrates the outcome of this exercise.

Jul 2012

Freud Communications

Public relations company Freud Communications supports Plant for Peace.

Jun 2012

Plant for Peace Steering Group

The Plant for Peace Steering Group was formed in order to get the implementation of the Plant for Peace agriculture and horticulture development strategy for Afghanistan (2012 - 2027) firmly under way.

May 2012

Plant for Peace Foundation

Plant for Peace Foundation becomes a registered charity, registering with the UK charity commission, charity registration number 1148602.

Mar 2012

Royal Patronage from award winning environmentalist

HRH Princess Basma bint Ali becomes Patron of Plant for Peace.

Mar 2012

Rowan Atkinson supports Plant for Peace

Feb 2012

Turning pomegranate into powder

Plant for Peace starts the development of the first Afghanistan value added ingredient.

Oct 2011

The strategy paper

A generous grant from a Plant for Peace benefactor enabled the assembly of the Plant for Peace Implementation team to write a comprehensive strategy paper for the Afghan initiative.

Feb 2011

Planting of 1.9m pomegranate cuttings

In the 2011 planting season Plant for Peace planted 1.9m pomegranate cuttings in a large nursery and developed a further 20 smaller nurseries.

Aug 2010

Plant for Peace creates its own food company

To ensure sustainable livelihoods for the Plant for Peace farmers Plant for Peace Holding Ltd was incorporated as a commercial food company to develop food products and supply the international retailers.

Apr 2010

Name Change to Plant for Peace

With farming communities outside of pomegranate growing regions in Afghanistan becoming involved in POM354 a more meaningful was sought that encompassed all types of farmers produce and POM354 changed its name to Plant for Peace.

Mar 2010

105,000 pomegranate trees

In the 2010 planting season 800 farmers were trained and provided with planting materials to plant pomegranate orchards. 105,000 new trees were planted and support was given to the farmers for one year to ensure proper maintenance of the trees.

Feb 2010

Kandahar Jirga

Plant for Peace holds the Kandahar Jirga with 5,600 Elders attending.

Jan 2010

New Patronage for Plant for Peace

General Sir David Richards GCB CBE DSO, UK Chief of Defence staff and former Commander of International Security Armed Forces in Afghanistan becomes Patron of Plant for Peace.

Nov 2009

Mazar Jirga

The Mazar Jirga in the Northern province of Balkh was attended by 7,000 Elders. The main reason for this was the remoteness of the Jirga venue. The old fortress was located 35 miles from the nearest large town and buses needed to be chartered to get most of the participants to the meeting. However, the stature of the participating Elders and leaders will ensure the validity of the commitment to work on the realisation of the strategy.

Oct 2009

Herat Jirga

The Jirga in the Western province of Herat was attended by 12,000 Elders and farmer leaders. At each of the Jirgas it is tradition that a warm lunch is served to the participants. The picture shows James Brett and some Elders enjoying the lunch and discussing the proposed strategy.

Oct 2009

Farah Jirga

The Jirga in the Southwestern province of Farah was attended by 14,211 Elders and leaders. Again, the value and sense of the Plant for Peace strategy was recognised, and a unanimous decision to support the initiative was reached.

Feb 2009

Pom354 Charity dinner Kensington Palace

In March 2009, POM354 held a charity dinner at Kensington Palace in London. Special guests included UK British Army Chief General Sir Richard Dannatt , Baroness Rawlings and Kay Burley from Sky News. More than 20 Afghans visited the UK from Afghanistan to attend the event.

Jan 2009

The first farmer gets his trees

The journey has begun in earnest!

The short window of time available for planting pomegranate trees and delays in processing project proposals, resulted in 'only' planting 40,000 trees during the 2009 season. James Brett financed this exercise mainly from his own resources.

By this time, the attitude of everyone directly involved was very much: "Failure is no longer an option!"

Oct 2008

Burning US$ 780 million of opium

After the Jalalabad meeting, the Ministry of Counter narcotics arranged for a select group of representatives and the national media, to go into the mountains near Jalalabad and destroy confiscated opium, estimated to represent approximately US$ 780 million.

Oct 2008

The Jalalabad Jirga

The Jalalabad Jirga was attended by appr. 6,500 Elders and leading farmers from the Eastern provinces. A picture of the people at the meeting is included in the slides at the top of this page. Again, the entire meeting decided to support the Plant for Peace initiative.

Aug 2008

The Second Jirga

The second Jirga was considerably smaller than the first, but, with representatives from the four Eastern provinces, the impact was substantial as these provincial leaders, again, decided to fully support the Plant for Peace initiative.

Feb 2008

The First Jirga

A Jirga is a traditional meeting of tribal Elders to decide on a wide variety of issues. All decisions must be unanimous and are unconditionally binding to the participants of the meeting and the tribes they represent.
The Jirga was held near the first farmer's village (Markoh) in Nangarhar province (Eastern Afghanistan). Some 200 Elders were invited. Almost 400 Elders from all over the province attended the meeting. After considering the proposal presented by James Brett, the Elders decided unanimously to support the initiative.

Mar 2007

Pomegranate is the Answer

By walking into a poppy field, James Brett took the first steps towards the realisation of the Plant for Peace initiative.
Sharing their common humanity allowed the farmer and James to connect and embark on a shared journey.
The experience has not always been easy, but there was never any doubt about the sense and validity behind the desire to develop a strategy to improve the livelihoods of the rural communities in Afghanistan. This applies to the mindset of these two first participants, as well as to the commitment of the many people who have joined the Plant for Peace initiative since 2007.