Plant for Peace (Commercial)

Norbert Stock

Norbert Stock

Since 2013 Norbert has overseen the establishment of the Plant for Peace supply chains from sourcing smallholder farmer produce in Afghanistan to building relationships with international production facilities who produce the Plant for Peace products.

Norbert started his career studying Electronics at Delft University in The Netherlands and then commenced worldwide trading of electronic components and measurement equipment. Norbert previously established an organic farm in Ghana exporting organic food products and fresh fish. Owning a furniture factory in The Netherlands, Norbert obtained an environmentally friendly foresting license and factory in Kalimantan (Indonesia), a wood processing plant in Java as well as wood product and electronic component trading companies in Singapore. Norbert previously owned a shipyard in East Germany building fishing boats. Norbert has friends in, and has been going to Afghanistan, for the past 35 years.

A great asset to the team, Norbert's experience ensures modern production facilities are established in volatile territories.